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A girl that’s easy : under the spell, the critic sees in Zahia the new Brigitte Bardot

director Rebecca Zlotowski has taken a big risk by doing the infamous Zahia Dehar the heroine of A girl easy . Sometimes, boldness is rewarded: the film was awarded the SACD award (Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques) in 2019, of the Fortnight of the Director at Cannes. And, to see the echoes received by the film during its cinema release on Wednesday, the young woman has also managed to convince the majority of the French critics by his play and his sensuality.

The supermodel in the past of escort girl footballer has come a long way. Once conspuée by the press in scandal, the young actress ensures to have used his experiences to give life to his character. “For his first movie role, the young actress prepared something of his experiences with fiction, of which this body as tapered to snag the desire of men and make fun of it at the same time”, analysis, The World . “Zahia is the heart, the body and the soul of the film” ensures on his side First .

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A comparison is often: the one with Brigitte Bardot. “As soon as the first plan […] we think of Brigitte Bardot. A feeling reinforced […] by the game of its main actress, curves insolent and verb indolent,” says The new yorker . An impression widely shared by the Release : “He has the nonchalance and the diction of Zahia Dehar, who are irresistibly think of Brigitte Bardot, especially in And God created woman of Vadim and Contempt of Godard,” explains the journalist Marcos Uzal. It goes even further than his colleagues by asserting that it is not “a mere imitator of Bardot, but rather a contemporary incarnation of this blend of natural and sophistication that made in its time the actress so modern and disconcerting”.

The Express who yet did not hesitate to say that “Zahia is a very bad actress” can’t help but admit that “it is true, Zahia has a bit the same intonation as BB”. Stephen to Sorin, the Figaro , without being completely agree with this parallel recognizes “play, fantasy and sensuality” of the young woman. More than the person of Zahia, therefore, it is the staging of the film that divides the critics.

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A staging mixed

Le Figaro believes that the film is too imbued with the “spirit of seriousness of Zlotowski who hit these holiday solar”. “It has something to applied, borrowed. The body does not exult much”. The movie fails to serve the image of Zahia “that deserves a film in his own image, wild and provocative,” says Stephen Sorin. An impression shared by the magazine First who believes that the film “loses its power as soon as it leaves the frame.” With less tweezers, The Express denounces “a story that has little of interest, predictable end-to-end, grossly dramatized”.

A notice to the opposite of Release , dithyrambic, which welcomed a “very funny film […] constantly gentle despite the underlying violence”. The daily The World rather set before you the way “ A girl easy shines in his way of showing that this illusory world is based deeply on unrelenting reports of class”. Not to mention a “montage” of the inventive, image suave”. A staged “sensual bewitching and malaisante, revealing social barriers impassable, and dreams never realized,” says Obs .

Finally, the press address a special mention to Benoit Magimel, which delivers a interpretation as well as correctness of the character of Philip. “Benoît Magimel is an excellent actor too little used,” says L ‘express.

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