A nutritionist spoke about healthy salad dressings

Nutritionist Natalia Denisova told what is best for dressing salads.

According to her, the best would be the use of different types of sauces instead of one. The specialist explained that it is possible to alternate the sauce with sour cream, mayonnaise, vegetable oil with lemon juice and low-fat yogurt. “It is not necessary to dwell on one of these two sauces,” — says nutritionist.

In an interview with radio Sputnik, she explained that each product has its benefits and disadvantages. So, the cream is rich in proteins and vitamins, but contains too much saturated fat. In turn, the mayonnaise prepared on the basis of useful products, but has a high calorific value.

“Eating salad with mayonnaise, we use a lot of calories, but together, we get vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids and various vitamins, which is in the yolk,” said nutritionist, adding that any of the sauces can be used one to two times a week without harm for health.