A protest action against amendments to the Constitution came more than 650 of St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg continues to collect signatures against the amendments to the Constitution. According to estimates of the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, all in the city center stretches for more than 600 people.

about 55 citizens surrounded the picketers, who held posters of opposition content.

“No eternal Putin! I am against the amendment against the voting procedure itself, which is absolutely illegal. I am against the nullification of presidential terms. I am against rules that infringe on the rights of citizens. I’m against mentioning God, because faith is everybody’s business”, — said the lady Praskovya, who also came to sign.

the Action takes place under the supervision of the police. Of detainees have not yet been reported.

“Rosbalt” on its YouTube channel conducts a live broadcast from the event.

we will Remind, on 1 July finished voting on the amendments to the Constitution. According to official data, the new rules voted 77,92% of voters, against — of 21.27%. According to political analysts, this will allow Vladimir Putin to run for President two more times, until 2036.

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