A search in the apartment where the commandos shot the Yekaterinburg, declared illegal

Kirovsky district court of Yekaterinburg declared invalid the search at Vladimir Tsankov, who had previously been shot by soldiers SWAT in his apartment. It is reported by “the Media” with reference to representatives of the “Zone of law”. According to the lawyer Alexei Bushmakova representing the interests of the parents of the deceased, “it is impossible to argue” that the security forces came to Taushanova only on the basis of the decision of sledovatelya MIA. He added that the court found the police actions unlawful. The court found that sledovatelnitsa Ministry of the interior issued a search warrant, “not wait” at 23:30, three hours after he was seized near the construction shop four rolls of Wallpaper and a folding knife. Taushanov threw them on the way home. In addition, it is reported that the search warrant did not issue, because the arrival of the employee of police Taushanov was already dead. Recall clientelenet was shot on the night of 1 June. According to “Novaya Gazeta”, they opened the door with a key and shot seven times. According to investigators, a local resident was stolen from the store several rolls of Wallpaper and locked himself in the apartment, which decided to storm. The investigative Committee opened a case under article 318 of the criminal code due to the atomization spray. One of the officers claims that Taushanov was in the apartment with the kitchen knife in his right hand and pepper spray in the left.

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