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A selection of last-minute gifts to celebrate a Christmas with culture

It is night-time at 17 hours, the light decorations have taken possession of the cities and the bags full of gift packages encumbered the arms of passers-by in the street… No doubt, Christmas is approaching and there is still time to present to you the ideal list of gifts to put at the foot of the Christmas tree.

To your mother, who plays in the theatre municipal, a box and a piece

Box OtheatrO

A box shows for theatre lovers. The opportunity to discover parts such as L e Name , I love what you do , Cyrano de Bergerac or 12 angry men . OtheatrO offers six places for public performances in over 300 venues throughout France. Comedy, drama, one-man-show, musical, or magic, there’s something for all tastes. The tickets are valid for one or two people, and always in first or second category. (From 54€).

Edmond , Alexis Michalik at the Palais-Royal

Crowned by five Molière, including one for best living author, his biggest hit Edmond , which recounts, in a staging light-hearted, the creation tormented of Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, has been performing for two years without interruption the theatre of the Palais-Royal. The piece, which became a movie, comes out in theaters on January 9, next. Until march 31, 2019.

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For your father a fan of Alain Delon, a DVD box set of his best films and the cartoon character that he inspired.

Alain Delon, The Essential

A new box around a legend that has celebrated its 83 years in November. In addition to Full sun , of René Clément was released in 1960 and restored, there are other masterpieces to rediscover, such as The red circle , The Barns burned , Mr. Klein … (Ed. Studio Canal, 29,99€).

Pif gadget, 50 years of humor and adventure COMICS , Christophe Quillien

No collection

Christophe Quillien, specialist comic book, offers a touching book the history of the magazine, which will celebrate its fifty years in February 2019. Placid and Muzo, Doctor Justice (inspired in the physics of Alain Delon), Rahan… What a delight to find these heroes with big hearts who have made the glory of the magazine born from the ideas of the Resistance, in this richly illustrated book and documented! A journey into a world full of adventure and a gentle fantasy that’s good.

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Pif gadget, 50 years of humor, adventures, and BD, Christophe Quillien, Off-Collection, 29 euros.

For your sister to cinema, a DVD box set featuring the women of honor

Actresses of legend

To see Jeanne Moreau, the Celestine of the Journal d’une femme de chambre of Luis Buñuel (1964), Simone Signoret, the heroine as a Helmet of gold by Jacques Becker (1952) and the luminous Romy Schneider in Cesar and Rosalie of Claude protestant redemption church (1972). The nostalgia is still what it was. (Ed. Studio Canal, 29,99€).

For your daughter sensitive to the cause, a feminist, and in the course of outstanding women

Parvana, a childhood in Afghanistan , filmmaker, irish Nora Twomey with the voice of Golshifteh Farahani. The misadventures of a little girl 11-year-old forced to disguise as a boy to survive under the taliban regime at the end of the 1990s. A feature-length animated film to be serious, hard and sober not only for children. He received the public prize and the jury, and one of the best original music at the last festival of animated film in Annecy. (DVD-video The Pact for £ 19.99).

Parvana [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

Me, what I love about it is the monsters , first book, Emil Ferris

Toussaint Laverdure

This amazing pad 416 pages, price of the critical KDD 2019, featuring a 10-year old girl in the Chicago of the 1960s, who is investigating the death of his seductive neighbor jewish Anka silverberg quote. The American Emil Ferris, the victim of a serious illness, was able to draw this fascinating graphic novel which has been a great success. Crowned with a plethora of awards in the United States, this book powerful is a pure masterpiece.

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Me, what I love about it is the monsters, book first. Translated from the English by J.-C. Khalifa, published by Monsieur Toussaint Louverture, 416 p., 34,90 euros.

The Little Mermaid the Studio theatre

check out a contemporary reading of the tale of Handersen the Studio theatre. Géraldine Martineau, artist miraculous, actress, dazzling, is here, adapter and director. She knew how to surround himself with a team of artistic masterly. To begin with the performers: Jérôme Pouly, the father if good paste of prince played by the young Julien Frison, the sister of the little mermaid, there is a Clear Rüe du Can, Danièle Lebrun in the great gap of the grand-mother to the witch and if fine Adeline Of Hermy, a little mermaid, a bold and deeply moving. It sets the bar very high for the children. Bravo! Until the 6th of January.

peau d’âne at the Marigny theatre

so Here is the Skin of an ass, “fairy tale musical” and show a paradoxical, which marks the reopening of the Theatre Marigny. It is to forget the film of Jacques Demy, his actresses (Catherine Deneuve, Delphine Seyrig), her helicopter, and at the same time remain as faithful as possible to the tale of Charles Perrault réenchanté by the director of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The stage director Emilio Sagi did nothing wrong. Mirror balls, furniture, and dresses flashy colors (Demy has just discovered pop art in California) gives the forest an air of dancefloor bucolic. The skin of an ass is not a musical comedy dance, but Sagi choreography with a lightness of the scene changes performed by twelve singers. Marie Oppert, 21 years and future soprano, is a Skin of a donkey, graceful, natural voice perfect for the chiming of Demy-Legrand, that the whole world hums out on the Champs-Élysées.

the Skin of an ass, at the Théâtre Marigny (Paris Viii), until February 17, 2019.

For your son internal medicine, a DVD which will remind her of her first steps

First year

A full-length movie from Thomas Lilti with Vincent Lacoste, and William Lebghil – two formidable actors – in the skin of two first-year students of medicine. A battle of unprecedented violence, but the director manages to sprinkle his film with touches of humour, life-saving (1h28). As a bonus, an interview with Thomas Lilti, which has since turned the series Hippocrates (DVD, released on January 16, 14,99€, and BRD, for £ 19.99).

For your husband who likes French comedies

Gérard Jugnot from A to Z


The dictionary of my life , book by Gérard Jugnot written with Luc Larriba. “Turn with Depardieu is sometimes the cinema animal”, written with humor, the actor of the Father Christmas is a junk in this book under the annotation “Duo”. It also gives her thoughts on failure, the authorship, the theatre or the large heads, and answers to the Proust questionnaire without taking itself too seriously. The fans will be in heaven. (Editions Kero, 17 €).

For your teen is a fan of western and adventure

the complete series BD Blueberry

This magnificent full, with a rich preamble, brings together Arizona Love , the last album, scripted in part by Charlier (carried by the disease, it will not be able to complete the story) as well as the first three albums of the series Mr. Blueberry that Giraud will launch only. A new cycle which includes the titles Mister Blueberry, Shadow on the Tombstone and Geronimo the Apache , where our hero nailed to his poker table will follow a little further the events featuring contract killers, or great figures of the West, such as Wild Bill Hickock, or Geronimo. Of the great western.

Blueberry, ultimate, volume 8, Dargaud, 29,99 euros.

Dupuis/ Pedrosa

The golden Age , Cyril Pedrosa, and Roxanne Moreil

Between fable and political adventure story in a medieval setting revisited, Cyril Pedrosa, and Roxanne Moreil imagine the return of a world where men could expect to live free and equal. In addition to this scenario enchanting, The golden age offers a truly enchanting visual full of techniques falling under the illumination of manuscripts, or medieval tapestries. Not to mention the mammoth task of Pedrosa on the color with multiple tones, an integral part of the narrative or the beautiful double pages how Brueghel.

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the golden age, The first volume, Cyril Pedrosa, and Roxanne Moreil, Dupuis collection Aire Libre, 32 euros.

The show 20.000 leagues under the sea at the Vieux-Colombier

Adventures, poetry and puppets at the Comédie-Française with two wonderful performances for all ages. The recovery, first, of the adaptation of the novel of Jules Verne by Christian Hecq and Valérie Lesort, in a table the magic of the seabed, distinguished Molière of visual creation in 2016. Climb aboard the Nautilus together with captain Nemo at the Vieux-Colombier.

20.000 leagues under the sea at the Vieux-Colombier, until January 6, 2019.

Champaka/ aire Libre

For lovers of thrillers offset

The Art book François Boucq and Frédéric Dard, San Antonio

This beautiful book presents the 103 stunning original made with watercolor by François Boucq for the new covers of the novels of Frédéric Dard. The humor pest and the earthiness of Frédéric Dard, combined with the wise mind and the immense talent of the designer of the Bouncer offer a work of sparkling, which plunges the player into the atmosphere of madness in this legendary saga.

Artbook Boucq, Volume 1, San Antonio Area Free-Champaka, 28,95 euros.

For the family follower of the nature

The Large open spaces of Catherine Meurisse


After Lightness , the album is autobiographical that tells the story of its reconstruction after the loss of his friends of Charlie Hebdo when the killing of 7 January, Catherine Meurisse speaks about his golden childhood spent in the countryside. The drawer is seven years old, when her parents decide to settle in the countryside, in a farmhouse in ruins in the middle of a desert of pebbles. A childhood made up of a thousand scents, of scientific discoveries, of observation, of freedom, playgrounds and huge green. To escape from the frenzy of urban…

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The great outdoors, Catherine Meurisse, Dargaud, € 19.99.

For music lovers of all genres

Kate Bush

The discography of the divine English singer had never been remastered. This is now done with this hearty full, which renders the first 40 years of the career of this original with a great sound, and confirms his genius, and avant-garde.

4 boxes LP or 3 boxes CD (Parlophone/Warner), 89 €.

Boris Vian

Reissued in expanded version, this package originally appeared in 1965 offers some of the most beautiful interpretations of songs by the brilliant author: Reggiani, Higelin, Mouloudji, Salvador, Catherine Sauvage, Magali Noël. 100 songs for hours of happiness.

Box set 6 LP and 4 CD, Canetti Productions/Because, 24,90 €.

Bob Dylan

The fourteenth volume of the enthralling Bootleg Series began in 1991, focuses on Blood on the Tracks. It contains all the saved versions of the songs that compose it, including sessions in new york were the initials of 1974.

“More Blood, More Tracks”, 2 CD, 2 LP and box CD, Sony Music, 99,99 €.

Treasures of classical music

BnF editions

He had to think about it: browse through three centuries of musical creation of the european through the manuscripts, original musical scores, hand-written. Since Shoot up to Olivier Messiaen and Pierre Boulez, passing through Mozart, Berlioz (which we will celebrate in 2019 the 150th anniversary of the disappearance), Offenbach and his enchanting Tales of Hoffmann, Stravinsky, and The Rite of spring , and thirty other composers. Mathias Auclair and his collective of specialists we take you by the hand and we are drawing up the ears in order that we may better immerse themselves in as many masterpieces. Richly illustrated, the book is peppered with many gravures, paintings and posters, all supported by comments teaching on the pages of music and pleasantly presented.

the Treasures of the classical music , collective, Textual/BnF Editions, 272 p., 55 €.

For the curious of all ages

Encyclopedia of knowledge relative and absolute Berbard Werber

Albin Michel

If the curiosity is a bad default, it is also the best qualities. Especially in this month of December, which will succeed the long-standing family dinners of the end of the year. Bernard Werber has understood this and has published a beautiful book nourished prints, photos and paintings, which travels as a cabinet of curiosities. Thoughts since the age of thirteen years, these new updates are a huge Post-it of these anecdotes that we could one day tell him. Death unusual of the abbé Prévost, who died of an autopsy… while he was not dead, portrait of Hedy Lamarr, hollywood actress and scientific visionary, a story of the oldest tree in the world, a Ginkgo biloba, which would have 150 million years…

As an entomologist pin butterflies, the author grabs a hundred stories under his pen. It hides many legends. But isn’t it that we love? Tell stories?

For lovers of art

Picasso blue and rose, at the musée d’orsay

The regal splendour of the two great periods, blue and rose, a young artist in andalusia, which happens to be twenty years old in Paris. Attention meeting of the masterpieces that we’re not about to review soon (except to go to the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, switzerland, February). A must not miss, is leaving to join the crowd of the last days. Until the 6th of January.

Basquiat, the dance mad dash to the Foundation Vuitton

True comet of the scene in new york, the descendant of a family is puerto rican and haitian takes advantage of a New York in ruins to come out of the street and impose his talent to the wild. It explodes on the four levels of the monument, designed by Frank Gehry. Exhibition extended until January 21, 2019.

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