Activist in St. Petersburg has fined the slogan on the Mat

Activist Pavel Krizevica imposed a fine of 500 rubles, for the slogan with the Mat. It is reported by “the Media” with reference to the human rights activist Barbara Mikhailov.

on 22 June it was reported that the building of the 1st Western military district court in St. Petersburg there are protests because of disagreement with the verdict of the defendants in the case “Network” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Among the protesters were Paul Krisevich that even before sentencing, handcuffed themselves to the fence. He also lit the fire and chanted slogans.

the Protocol says that he shouted slogans in support of prisoners. In addition, according to the police, Krisevich committed hooliganism, “their actions expressing clear disrespect for society, accompanied by obscene abuse in a public place <...>“.

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