Actor Ephraim was taken in for questioning

law enforcement Officers took the honored artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Efremov staged a “drunk” road accident in the centre of Moscow, from the house and put in the car along with the police and investigators.

Efremov was wearing a black hood, sunglasses and a mask, according to “MK”. The artist took on the second interrogation to ascertain the circumstances of the accident, the first was not held due to the deranged state of Ephraim.

high-profile accidents occurred on the evening of 8 June on Smolensk square in Moscow. Efremov driving the jeep on the opposite lane crashed into a van delivery service. The victim in the accident, the driver of the van later died at the hospital. The deceased left a wife and two children.

the Actor faces up to 12 years in prison for an accident in a drunken state, entailed death of the person.

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