After complaints of Petersburgers on expired canned baby food kits prosecuted

the Kronstadt district Prosecutor’s office organized a check after the media publications about expired canned food in children’s food packages. As reported in Department, the staff found that the “content of canned fish labeled “Tuna” does not correspond to the marking of the manufacturer.”

the Prosecutor’s office sent check materials to investigating bodies. By results of consideration of criminal case under article about attempt at fraud.

Recall expired products in sets, issued in kindergarten, complained the residents of Kronstadt.

Also earlier the lady told to media that found in bundle of millet that are included in baby food, dead mouse.

In St. Petersburg food packages during a pandemic be given to the pupils of kindergartens, schoolboys and students of colleges. Benefit put the children, which kompensiruet of budget funds in accordance with the Social code.

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