After the gas explosion in Kiev found a body of the fifth victim

five people in Kiev were reported dead in the collapse at a residential house where there was a gas explosion.

As reported the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations, early in the morning on a place of state of emergency in the district of Poznyaky found the body of a fifth victim. Previously, he was listed as propavshem missing.

When the rubble was found a man born in 1976, his personality in the lineup helped to establish the neighbor.

the Other victims of the accident were women 1943 and 1974 years of birth and three men 1991, 1967 and 1976 year of birth.

the Main version of the incident, the police said it was a gas explosion, but considering the version of the attack. The building was damaged 40 apartments, 16 of them on six floors, ranging from 4 — completely destroyed.

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