Analyst: Market sentiment may weaken the ruble

the Russian currency amid mixed market sentiment “will show a tendency to moderate weakening”. This opinion was expressed by the economist “BCS Premier” Anton Pokatovich.

He predicts that “on Monday, the ruble would be formed in the range of 69-71 per dollar”. “Right now the market mood is balancing between optimism of further strengthening of monetary incentives, on the one hand, and fears about the virus plane, where the growth of cases around the world continues, from the other side. In that case, if the anxiety of investors will prevail, expect the appetite to purchase risk can be subjected to a moderate correction, which will also put pressure on the Russian currency,” the review says expert.

In turn, IAC senior analyst “Alpari” Anna Bodrov recalled that by the evening of the last Friday the dollar rose to 69,66 ruble and the Euro was trading around 78,11 of the ruble. “The “Russians” who can not see little justification for strengthening”, — the expert believes.

overall, says head of Department of the analysis of banks and money market IK “VELES Capital” Yuri Kravchenko, “Friday has passed under the badge of confident growth of the dollar on emerging markets.”

At the same time the chief analyst of PSB Bogdan Zvarich warns that “in case of deterioration of the situation on the energy market and the care of the nearest futures on Brent crude below $ 40, as well as further reduction in demand for risk in the coming session of the American currency” can “gain a foothold in the range of 70-75 rubles.”

we Add that the real effective exchange rate of the ruble (inflation-adjusted) in may 2020 rose by 3.8% against foreign currencies relative to the previous month. In this case the real rate of the ruble against the dollar rose during this period by 4.7%, to Euro — on 3,8%. However, for the first 5 months of the current year the real effective rubleI fell 7.8%, and the dollar — by 9.9%, and the Euro by 9.7%.

On Monday the Central Bank of the Russian Federation set the official US dollar exchange rate at the level 69,1284 ruble, Euro — ruble 77,5413.

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