In the Nenets Autonomous district depressurization wells Dyusushevskoye field. As a result, about 10 tons of oil had spilled out, reports “Interfax” with reference to an informed source.

the Hole already managed to block, but the area around it polluted, and access to the site of the accident is complicated by weather conditions.

According to media reports, the helicopter with the emergency services waiting for the approval of departure.

Recall, may 29 oil emergency happened in Norilsk, when at CHP-3 of “Norilsk-Taimyr power company” depressurization of the fuel tank, there was an ignition of oil products. In result, the fuel got into the water of the rivers Daldykan and the Barn, which, running into Pyasino lake. Liquidation of consequences is still ongoing.

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