Appeared in the media the details of the involuntary admission of a shaman TM

the shaman Alexander Gabysheva appealed against his placement in a mental hospital. This writes the “Yakutia.Info”.

the hearing took place in a health facility where they keep Gabysheva. The medical staff of the clinic have denied the testimony of the police officers that the public man was allegedly aggressive, the article says.

According to the defender Gabysheva Olga Timofeeva, the doctor-the psychiatrist initially refused to accept it, as the basis for this saw. “He was quiet and adequate,” the doctor said. In this case the shaman said that he refused from hospitalization. The lawyer noted that hospitalization cannot be considered voluntary: hours after TM returned to the clinic “one Shoe on and the handcuffs.”

As reported, on may 12, Gabyshev was arrested and placed in the “loony bin”. The medical Commission concluded that Gabyshev alleged “threat to themselves and others” and “evaluate his personality.”

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