At Shenderovich, he was accused of sexual harassment

several women have accused the journalist Victor Shenderovich in sexual harassment.

the Journalist Lydia Mikhalchenko wrote in Facebook that Shenderovich molested her and two other girls — Olga Crassac and Mary, Trinity.

“Until March of this year, I considered him one of the best people in this world. Unwillingness to hear and to notice the failure on my part… shocked,” said Mikhalchenko.

According to her, Shenderovich was molested Trinity in a friendly meeting.

In turn, Crassac said that he knows four women who have faced harassment Shenderovich. According to her, the victims silent for fear of harassment by fans and friends of the journalist.

Shenderovich commented on the accusations in his Facebook. He said that “not skotina to discuss publicly details of his personal life — neither his nor another’s.”

“I have regrets, and regrets in his male life, but. I never wrote and never said anything stupid, quoted by Mrs.’m not going to fight on my behalf. In my relationships with women I never used no violence or threats and blackmail, nor to the use of official position (it never was)”, — says the publication.

the Journalist suggested that those who are charged for harassment, “revenge for lack of attention” and “PR on the untwisted name.”

“Almost each of the dozens of my plays any character engaged in sexual harassment,” said Shenderovich.

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