Authorities in Arkhangelsk region have eliminated the

Authorities in Arkhangelsk region have ruled out the construction project ecotechnopark “Sees”, which is planned to place in the region, from the list of priority investment projects. As reported TASS, this was announced today by the Minister of economic development of the Arkhangelsk region, Ivan Kuravlev. He stressed that the notice sent to the investor. The day before, as reported by zacks.Ru, the regional government terminated the agreement on the maintenance of Investproekt, OOO “Technopark”, involves the construction near the station “Sees” landfill. As specified, the order of termination dated 2 June this year. Agreement Chiesa was signed between the government and OOO “Technopark” may 20, 2019. The project was estimated at 10.5 billion rubles. Recall that the confrontation between the opponents of the construction and the authorities lasted for more than a year. Environmental activists are still on duty near the site.

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