Became aware of a third case of complete cure from HIV

the 36-year-old man from Brazil is completely “cured” of HIV. He became the third in the world in such a patient, writes the online edition of Science with reference to scientists.

Specifies that the infection has been overcome by using an aggressive combination of antiretroviral drugs and nicotinamide (vitamin B3), which causes infected cells to awaken latent virus. After the treatment, HIV is no longer observed in the blood of a Brazilian, the media writes. In addition, the number of antibodies dropped to extremely low levels, indicating the absence of infected cells in the lymph nodes and the intestine. However the patient has yet to undergo testing lymph nodes and tissues of the intestines, in order to document the absence of the virus.

up To this point, there were only two cases of complete cure from an HIV — got rid of the infection, as reported, the American Timothy ray brown and the “London patient”, whose identity was not disclosed — both underwent bone marrow transplant for blood cancer treatment.

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