Became known about the status of volunteers experiencing a vaccine against coronavirus in Sechenovskiy University

Experiencing a vaccine against coronavirus in Sechenovskiy University volunteers feel good. As reported by RIA “Novosti”, said the head of the Center for clinical study of drugs First Moscow state medical University Elena Smolyarchuk.

“To date, the volunteers feel good, no complaints there, all the vital functions are normal,” she said.

According to her, after the introduction of vaccine was observed redness at the injection site, some volunteers were headache, fever, sore throat.

Clinical trials of the vaccine from COVID-19 was launched in Sechenovskiy University on June 18. The first group of volunteers the vaccine was introduced already more than three weeks ago, the second group is a little over two weeks ago.

in Parallel also tested the vaccine, created SIC name Gamalei.

yesterday morning it was reported that in recent days in Russia revealed 6 thousand 611 new cases of coronavirus infection. Died day 135 people.

Total in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus officially sick of 687 thousand 862 people died and 10 thousand 296, recovered — 454 329 thousand.

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