Bonya called

TV Presenter and former participant of “House-2” Victoria Bonia opposed the inclusion in the amendments to the Russian Constitution on the minimum wage.

In the video in his Instagram she expressed the view that the government should help businessmen caught in a difficult situation because of the situation with coronavirus. Thus, in its opinion, the distribution of the minimum wage hinders business development.

“We first minimum wage increase, give money to alcoholics and rogue, and then cry why we have everything bad,” protested Soot.

TV Presenter also believes that the state should decide “what salary should be inept alcoholics”. “If your job is worth ten, then you should get the top ten. And hand out money to all sorts of bums, drunks, addicts just because they live in Russia”, — said Bonia.

She also said that talks with many businessmen and they agree with her.

Recall that the national vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 1 July.

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