Britain introduces a mandatory two-week quarantine for arriving in the country

Britain’s entering the country will have to observe a two-week quarantine, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the United Kingdom.

All visitors will fill in a questionnaire and to provide contact details and the address where they will be in isolation. For refusal to provide isolation assumes a penalty of £ 100.

the Limitation would not apply to travel within the common travel area comprising the United Kingdom, channel Islands, Isle of man and Ireland. At the same time, the British, who returned home from other countries, too, will be taken to the quarantine. Exceptions will be made for seasonal agricultural workers, truck drivers delivering goods from the continent to Britain, physicians, foreign officials and British citizens, regularly traveling for work, patients who are going to be treated to Britain according to a predetermined plan, and for transit passengers.

In a statement the government said that the quarantine is introduced in order to avoid the second wave of the epidemic after the weakening of restrictive measures in the country.

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