Britain was opposed to the idea of trump to return to Russia in the G7

Britain does not support Russia’s return to the “big seven”, as the very idea of reforming and expanding the G7.

according to Reuters, in the office of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the statements of US President Donald trump, who called the G7 format deprecated.

In London, said that waiting for the US detailed proposals for the summit “the seven” in Washington, and leave the host the right to decide who to invite to the meeting.

“By tradition, the country that holds the presidency of the G7, invites other leaders to participate as guests at the summit,” said representative Johnson.

Speaking about Russia, the British speaker said that she has yet to demonstrate a change in behavior, which would allow us to talk about her return to the G7.

“We would not support its return as a member of the group,” he concluded.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that because of the pandemic coronavirus summit of G7 will be possible not earlier than September. Washington intends to postpone the scheduled June meeting of the “big seven” and turn it into a G11, inviting Russia, South Korea, Australia and India.

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