Cafes and restaurants in Moscow recommended to close the veranda

Summer terraces of restaurants and cafes in Moscow is recommended to be closed due to bad weather. It is reported TASS with reference to the Moscow Department of trade and services.

“In connection with the projected deterioration of weather conditions in the Metropolitan area, as well as for the prevention of emergency situations that in Moscow on July 29, rain is expected, sometimes heavy, possible thunder and strong winds with gusts up to 20 m/s, we ask that all catering with the summer veranda, to take timely measures to stop their operation”, — specified in the message.

In Moscow until the evening of 29 July the “orange” level of weather danger due to 30 degree heat.

MOE announced a storm warning in the Moscow region. Bad weather expected in the region until the end of the day. According to rescuers, the area will be hit by strong wind with gusts up to 18 m/c, heavy rain and thunder. Places in the Moscow region possible hail.