Called the optimum temperature of the air conditioner in the heat

the Doctor gave advice on the proper use of air conditioning in the heat, to avoid the cold.

According to the therapist, the family doctor Tatyana Romanenko, the optimum temperature should be 6-8 degrees below body temperature. In this regard, the medic advises to put on the air conditioner temperature at 26 degrees.

the Expert said, “Moscow 24”, which does not recommend to put the air conditioner on mode less than 26 degrees. “Otherwise it may lead to colds,” — said the doctor.

Also, according to her, entering the hot room, you should not install air conditioning to the desired temperature. It is best to turn the air conditioner on a lower temperature and leave the premises. “a short time, we quickly reduces the temperature, and then to set the optimum temperature regime”, — said Romanenko.

Earlier, Muscovites warned about hot weather and the likelihood of tornadoes and hail.

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