Carnivore or vegan: the twins from Britain three months dieted to determine which one is better (photos)

32-year-old twins Hugo and Ross Turner from the British town of Exeter decided to find out what kind of food to the human body is better — vegan or omnivorous. The brothers spent a three-month experiment, which was attended by biologists at king’s College London, says the Insider.

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Hugo and Ross started the diet at the same time with the same weight — 83 kgs with 13% body fat. Hugo ate as a vegan, and Ross ate a variety of foods, but with a predominance of meat, and the brothers consumed the same amount of calories per day and five times a week doing the same exercises at the gym.

three months later, the results of the experiment were summarized by the physicians themselves brothers.

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So, on a vegan diet Hugo first lost 4 pounds, and then almost completely returned to the initial data (82 pounds and 12% body fat), but the level of cholesterol in the blood decreased significantly, he also, by his own admission, began to feel active and alert, but almost completely lost interest in sex. In addition, he increased the risk of Crohn’s disease — inflammation of the digestive system.

the Body of Ross, which were fed for three months meat food, major changes practically has not undergone during the experiment, he was to weigh 2 kilos more and 2% had raised levels of fat in the body, however the bulk of gained weight was muscle tissue.

After the experiment, the brothers, the Turners concluded that it is impossible to eat the same way, as none of the diets is not completely useful.

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