Chapter BIOCAD questioned the existence of

The existence of different mutations COVID-19 does not mean that we are talking about different viruses, said the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” the General Director of the St. Petersburg biotechnological company BIOCAD Dmitry Morozov. “In fact, it is the same virus which is circulating on many continents. And those mutations that accumulate now, are not systemic. I would say that mostly it is the same virus with a few changes,” — said the expert. According to him, mutations in different regions differ from each other slightly, but the virus itself is not interested to kill a man, but rather to adapt to the body. “These mutations are intended so that it is less bad consequences created for the owner and more it took root and then spread. At the moment superslim mutations, about which like to write science-fiction writers, I can’t say that they exist,” — said Morozov. Recall that we are always willing to work on a vaccine against COVID-19. The world health organization has included studies of scientists in St. Petersburg in the list of promising.

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