Chelyabinsk ecoactivist acknowledged Mechel's first nominee for the award of the main pollutant

Public Antismog established environmental award for pollution of the environment and have already chosen one of the nominees of OJSC “Mechel”.

according to the publication “Bee”, the first nominee this an anti-award was JSC “Mechel” — founders of an anti-award called one of the largest pollutants of the Chelyabinsk air. They refer to the environmental monitoring data and complaints of citizens.

the company said that “Mechel” responsibly comply with its obligations for the execution of environmental activities in the framework of the quadripartite agreement between the company, the government of Chelyabinsk region, Ministry of natural resources and Rosprirodnadzor.

At the same time, according to “Pravda UrFO”, the JSC “Mechel” regularly appears in reports as the main pollutant of the atmosphere of the regional center. Environmental monitoring data confirm residents ‘ complaints — “plant poisons inhabitants in the period NMU, at night and at weekends”.

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