A worker could be viewed throwing away a Complete menu of chicken nuggets in the now-viral TikTok movie

A worker of this Georgia-based series posted a viral movie on TkTok of that which seems to be another employee tossing a tray of chicken nuggets to the garbage.

The TikTok consumer, that remains anonymous under the username @jlucvss, posted a video revealing a different worker throwing out a complete tray of chicken nuggets with the caption”that which they do nightly together with all the chicken nuggets in Chick-fil-A.”

The movie, with over 7 million viewpoints, sparked outrage on the video-sharing platform with a few users slamming the series for permitting the food to go to waste.

“The quantity of food that we throw away along with the quantity of hungry people there are simply does not sit right with me,” one user remarked. “It is miserable.”

“Chicken that stays out too long can’t be given out to the displaced hours after it’ll get them ill. It is not a doughnut.,” a different user remarked.

Chick-fil-A states it’s a food donation plan on its own site named Chick-fil-A Shared Table, began in 2012, where franchises bundle and send additional food to charitable organizations such as soup kitchens and non-profits.