China has prepared two satellites to be sent to Mars

in late July-early August, China is planning to send to Mars first probe of its own production, a mission to study the “red planet” will be Tanwani-1″ (“Questions to heaven)”.

it is Assumed that the carrier rocket “Changzheng-5” (“long March 5”) starts from the cosmodrome “Wenchang” in Hainan island on July 23 and has already been delivered to the launch pad.

According to Xinhua news Agency, China will orbit two upgraded satellite relay Tianlian I-02 (Tanglang I-02) and Tianlian II-01 (Tanglang II-01″). Now they expect the launch of the probe “Tangwani 1”, which, if successful, will be able to transfer the data to the Ground already in 2021.

the Official purpose of Beijing called the search for life on Mars, however, the United States suspect that this masks the military and spy purposes.

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