“Expertise has been carried out since Monday to check the condition of the buildings which could have been impacted by this movement”, recalls the town hall in a press release.

However, “the visits carried out (Friday) revealed disorders on the buildings of 13, 15-17 and 34-36 rue Pierre Mauroy without a direct link with the collapse of 42 and 44 being able to be established, which led the city of Lille to ask nine people to leave their homes as a precaution while additional analyzes were carried out”, continues the town hall.

By collapsing on Saturday, November 12 around 9:15 a.m., an 18th century building on this shopping street near the Grand’Place had caused the collapse of an adjoining building, in which the victim was.

The inhabitants of the first building had been evacuated in the night from Friday to Saturday, following the alert given by students who lived there.

Monday, the mayor (PS) of Lille, Martine Aubry, had indicated that only three other people, living at number 38 of the same street, had then been evacuated, other neighboring buildings not being inhabited.

Control operations were to continue on Saturday on other buildings in Pierre Mauroy and a neighboring street. In this case, an investigation is opened for “endangering the lives of others” and “manslaughter”.