Constantly beaten: details Became known of the relations of the murdered in Moscow, the bride and groom

Reporters found out the ugly details of the relationship brutally murdered in Moscow on the eve of the wedding 27-year-old Muscovite with her fiance.

As reported by “MK” referring to Telegram channel 112, a man named Alexander beat up his girlfriend on various occasions.

the Publication revealed that at the end of may, the girl asked the friend’s advice about contacting the police. Then she even took a beating, however some time later the couple reconciled. In the end, the Muscovite did not report the boyfriend to the police.

currently, the groom is the Prime suspect in the murder of a girl, his whereabouts remain unknown.

the Body of a Muscovite found in the apartment in the center of Moscow. The body was discovered the groom’s mother who came to his home after a long time to reach him.

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