Coronavirus cost Belarus $210 million

Despite the fact that Belarus was not taken rigid quarantine measures in connection with the coronavirus, would not close the enterprise, however, the pandemic has cost the country half a billion rubles in national currency (about $210 million). This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko at today’s meeting with the leadership of the economic bloc of the government.

was worth so Much, the President said, the additional costs of the medicine and support of the real sector of the economy, however, in his words, “man is always more important than money.”

Lukashenko believes that these costs will be largely offset by an excellent harvest, which “has never happened in the history of Belarus”. “The peasants are all to improve the economic situation of households”, — said the Belarusian leader.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Belarus was recorded 66 521 case COVID-19, has recovered more than 59 thousand people, died — 513.

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