Coronavirus is gaining momentum in Mexico and Canada bordering the United States

Mexico has become one of the new centers of coronavirus along with other Latin American countries.

the head of the Mexican Ministry of health, Hugo Lopez-Gatel said that the total number of victims of the epidemic in the country has exceeded 9 thousand, the day he died 447 people. Yet 783 deceased suspect coronavirus.

Infected, according to official data, at least 81,4 thousand people per day revealed 3377 new cases.

the Most complicated situation is in the capital state of Mexico and in the same city. In this 18 may, the authorities began to quarantine to be lifted.

Meanwhile, the number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus on the other side of the US — in Canada exceeded 88 thousand died more than 6.8 thousand people.

the day he died at 78 canadian citizens and there were 610 new cases of infection. The centers remain the province of Quebec and Ontario, but thanks to quarantine the spread of the epidemic in the country manages to hold back for quite a long time.

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