After a trial behind closed doors, the juvenile chamber of the court of appeal issued a decision in public which distinguishes the role played by the two teenagers.

The young man was found guilty of murder under “premeditation” via “preparatory elements”, the young woman of murder by her active competition in the death of Alisha on the day of the drama, which was tied under the pillars of an A15 motorway viaduct on March 8, 2021.

“You both approached a beginning of reflection on the facts that you committed”, declared the president of the court of appeal to the two young people, inviting them to “continue this work” to “get out of adolescence and become adults with a place in society”.

“It will take effort, but you can do it,” she said.

The appeals court also highlighted the “courage and dignity” of Alisha’s family during the trial.

“Alisha, she won today, we won, we all won, but I wanted justice for Alisha”, declared, moved, her mother at the exit of the hearing, surrounded by her husband, a of their sons and many supporters.

Her daughter, in third grade, had fallen into the trap of the two teenagers, whose motive seems reduced to futile considerations, between love affairs and jealousies.

The boy had hit her by surprise, violently, then the two young people had thrown her, still conscious, into the river where she drowned.

This tragic epilogue had come to conclude the harassment suffered by this young girl without history.