Deputies: amendment of the Constitution is a coup attempt

Municipal and regional MPs opposed amendments to the Constitution, the voting for which is scheduled for July 1. Under the appeal to Russian citizens has been signed by 190 MPs from across the country.

the text of the document published in social networks of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky, MP.

the Authors believe that the changes to be made to the Basic law of the country is a “coup d’etat”. They emphasize that without Minamoto of power development in the economy, politics, social and public life.

“the Constitution of Russia proposed by Vladimir Putin and dependent people, focused on one task — ensuring lifelong power of Putin and his group. This change is contrary to the spirit and letter of the Constitution and accepted by absolutely unconstitutional procedure, where each action violates the constitutional foundations of the state and democratic rule. Essentially, we are dealing with a coup attempt, — the statement says. — The main (and essentially only) the idea of this change — save for a long time, until the end of Putin’s life, existing in Russia, the device life — injustice, falsehood and injustice of the state hidden behind the verbosity of decorative promises.”

Deputies believe that nobody may usurp power, as the only carrier which, according to the Constitution, is the people.

“the usurpation of power is the gravest crime against the state, crimes against the people, — the document says. — We strongly support the amendment of Vladimir Putin. They are destroying the Russian state and pose a threat to its very existence in the near future. These changes are incompatible with freedom and democracy, dignity and human rights”.

Remindm, the first day of summer, Putin signed a decree on holding of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on 1 July. The head of the CEC of the Russian Federation, Ella Pamfilova has suggested to start voting six days before that date. That is, the whole procedure will last 7 days.

Earlier, the analyst stated that the government is afraid to postpone the decision on the basic law, since the fall of the background information may be significantly more negative than in summer.

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