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it Became known what kind of meat suitable for the barbecue, and what is harmful, how often can cook this dish and is it dangerous it is for health. The opinions of nutritionists publish portal belnovosti.by.

it Turned out that in the process of cooking barbecue stand out carcinogens that adversely affect the human body, so experts recommend not to do a barbecue once in two weeks.

the Most harmful meat to this folk — lamb, it’s hard to stomach food that contains huge amount of fat. At the same time the most useful and tomato meat nutritionists called chicken or Turkey meat. To buy it at the store is not necessary — it is not the best quality and with dangerous additives.

If the kebab is made from beef, it is better to choose meat of a young animal, as the meat of adult and old a lot of saturated fats and harmful components. If the skewers of pork, then it is better to marinate in mineral water with lemon and mustard, suggest experts. They also remind us that in a lot of pork hormones and calories.