Died the Director of the cartoon

Died in the Soviet Director of film and animation and the father of actor Oscar Kuchera, Alexander Bogolyubov. He was 86 years old.

On the death of the Director, who directed the cartoon “the adventures of dunno and his friends” and “the Wizard of oz,” said the press service of the Union of cinematographers of Russia.

In late June, Alexander Bogolyubov, was hospitalized in Moscow with the exacerbation of chronic diseases. The doctors suspected he had pneumonia. He previously a TV presenter Oskar Kuchera stated that he had been ill with coronavirus along with his family.

Alexander Bogolyubov is a graduate of the Kiev state Institute of theatrical arts, since 1970, became a Director of animated films multilevelmoves of the creative Association “Screen”, and in 1978 the Director of the film Studio. Directed feature film “Melody for two voices” and “the Battalions are asked to fire” animated film “boomerang”, “the Wizard of oz”, “the adventures of dunno and his friends”.

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