Doctors hospital of Gatchina in the Leningrad region is owed 1.5 million rubles

Medics Gatchina on the clinical hospital in the Leningrad region has paid 1.5 million rubles for the work with coronavirus patients. It is reported by the Gatchina city Prosecutor’s office.

the payments did not wait for 66 employees: a test of the Prosecutor’s office established that the calculation of payments for the work in April was carried out incorrectly and the total amount greatly underestimated.

the Prosecutor’s office reported that health workers had already received all the money in the right amount.

Recall that payments to physicians in the Leningrad region began on may 12. The region has approved two types of amounts: everyone who works with patients in the er, outpatient and inpatient — from 16 to 80 thousand rubles. In addition, for a particularly important work in hospital, ambulance put from 25 to 80 thousand rubles. Also, health workers from the regional budget to compensate for travel in the amount of 2 thousand rubles a month and pay Federal premiums.

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