Economist: Expansion of the conditions for obtaining preferential mortgage will lead to a rise in housing prices

Preferential mortgage in Russia can be taken for housing up to 6 million rubles in the regions and in major conurbations to 12 million roubles, however this will lead to higher prices for apartments. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the researcher, Center for modernization studies at the European University in St. Petersburg Andrei Zaostrovtsev.

“This proposal will allow the construction industry to develop, but on the other, will provoke the growth of prices for housing. The demand will increase, and hence, is not a day, but after six months we will see quite different prices. And the mortgage people will have to take a smaller percentage, but more expensive housing. And people now are more concerned with how to find a job and feed your family than the purchase of an apartment,” — said Zaostrovtsev.

the Transition to progressive taxation, according to the economist, is a populist step that really few people will be affected.

“So, with the first five million you pay 13%, from the sixth to the already 15%, that is 150 thousand, not 130. Well, 20 thousand rubles increased tax, we can say,” commented Zaostrovtsev.

the Significant benefit is the economist believes the lower premiums in the IT industry with 14% to 7.6% and profit tax from 20% to 3%.

“But I would not feel that it specialists are the most affected by the pandemic — Yes, of course, they have decreased income with orders for the creation of websites, advertising, but from the point of view of software development is unlikely. Moreover, in connection with the trend of replacing foreign software domestic programmers, the demand was driven by major government agencies, and large firms — for example, the Railways”, — said the economist.

Zaostrovtsev said that the extension of support measures for families with children in July was natural, and if a pandemic will not back down, the same should be expected in August.

“the President did not say anything about the payment to entrepreneurs the minimum wage for each employee — perhaps he meant “get to work, enough to get the money.” Although, in principle, many found it difficult to get… In General some regions the beginning of the exit restriction, but again, each subject is solved individually,” — said the economist.

23 Jun Vladimir Putin sent another appeal to the Russians, which announced the extension of some support measures and the introduction of new.

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