Eight people died in the floods in the Czech Republic (video)

Prolonged heavy rains caused flooding in the Czech Republic. As a result of floods destroyed homes and roads, killing at least eight people, according to Czech radio.

According to media reports, from the banks of the river Osoblaha, left tributary of the Oder, the first victims were two residents of the village Petrovice. Later in the Morávka river near the town of Frydek-Mistek drowned eight-year-old schoolgirl. Also killed two of the sportsman-Amateur who fished from the water after river overturned their boats.

At the same time, in Serbia, in seven municipalities declared a state of emergency. In some regions, flooded roads and hundreds of homes, destroyed bridges. On victims or victims is not reported.

Reka Kolubara, Valjevo. #poplave #Kolubara #Valjevo pic.twitter.com/nb7Yn7sWRV

— Dimitrije Ilić (@ilicdimitrije) June 22, 2020

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