Epidemiologist: In St. Petersburg, a coronavirus had 200 thousand of Petersburgers

Not less than 200 thousand Petersburgers had coronavirus. Such data to the end of the third week of June, scientists at the European University in Saint-Petersburg and one of the private clinics that carried out the country’s first representative serological survey for antibodies to SARS-COV-2 residents. According to preliminary data, chickenpox infection, 5.7% of residents. Read more about what this means for the Northern capital, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said study co-author, epidemiologist Anton master.

“We examined antibody 490 people, just plan to cover more than 1000 citizens, and then share ill may be corrected. It is interesting that at the moment the number of survivors exceeds the officially registered Kostava cases of infection with coronavirus in about 8.5 times. This gap is perfectly normal — most likely, people ill with the virus without symptoms, or manifestations of the infection were minimal.”

According to the epidemiologist, in any country, the system is not aimed at the registration of these cases, and the same gaps are observed in a number of cities. It looks like the ratio between population of cities and ill — in St. Petersburg is 5.7% of residents in Geneva to 10.9%, the Stockholm — 7,3%, Los Angeles is 4.7%. Anton young master said he was satisfied with the results of the study — the fact that in St. Petersburg the figures turned out similar to the situation in other major cities around the world, he says, first, about the correct methods of serological issue, and secondly, that statistics, which publishes the local authorities, true.

“Fantastic, there is no gap between the two figures, which means that the virus is developing in different cities and countries about the same laws, says the epidemiologist. — In order to achieve population immunity to the virus, it is necessary that they have had 60-80% — keeping in mind that one person infects on average two to four people. But it is one concept and if you come out of it, we all come, including the second wave of infections”.

the Second concept is that the properties of the virus greatly overestimated, and wait for the new wave is not necessary — so what is the coronavirus have been ill up to 80% of the population. These hopes, however, less justified, the expert notes.

“it is also Important to understand that the presence of antibodies is only a marker of what you have been exposed to coronavirus. Safe to judge that is synonymous with protection against re-infection — it is impossible. It is impossible to speak about the fact that even if you infect a second time, it will transfer the infection easier. We have only speculation that this could be judging by the experience with the already known respiratory infection, but the exact data yet,” explained Anton master.

the Authors urge the residents of St. Petersburg to refuse to come to such studies, including again, because the more information scientists have, the clearer will become the real situation of coronavirus in St. Petersburg and the country.

Recall at the moment in St. Petersburg officially zareistrirovano 23 71 thousand infected with coronavirus, of which 15 thousand 100 recovered. The virus has killed 961 people.

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