Exit poll: a Majority of the citizens vote against the amendment of the Constitution

supporters of the campaign “NO!” carried out exit polls near polling stations on the amendments to the Constitution. According to the latest data, in St. Petersburg, a protest vote is higher than in Moscow.

So, at noon, in the capital of those who agreed to participate in the survey, 55% supported the amendment and 45% opposed. In St. Petersburg, with changes to be made to the basic law of the country, agree 49% of respondents do not agree 51% voted.

UPD. To 13:30 in St. Petersburg the gap between storonniki and opponents of the amendments have increased 44% and 56%, respectively.

the exit polls the “NO” campaign. 13:30

52% FOR

Saint Petersburg
44% — FOR

*among the volunteers to give the answer pic.twitter.com/PEfdvMC8HW

— NO amendments to the Constitution (@netpopravkam) July 1, 2020

Recall, 1 July in Russia, the main day of voting on changes to the Constitution. One of the amendments to the basic law provides acting President Vladimir Putin the right to remain in power for another two terms, until 2036. To vote separately for each amendment is impossible — only for a package.

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