Exploration of France said about the danger of the Chechens after the riots in Dijon

the Criminal activities of a group of Chechens in France has increased and is a threat to France’s security, the report said Service information, intelligence and strategic analysis of organized crime (SIRASCO) of the Central Directorate of the judicial police.

According to Le Point, before the inter-ethnic clashes in the city of Dijon French intelligence was watched by more than 300 natives of Chechnya, suspecting them of having links with radical Islam.

it is Noted that in skirmishes with the Arabs were attended by members of criminal organizations, and the riots showed “the growing threat posed by Chechen groups.”

the intelligence said that some representatives of the Chechen Diaspora “is known for his belonging to the movement for independence of Chechnya”.

Recall that more than a hundred representatives of the Chechen Diaspora attacked hookah in Dijon with knives and baseball bats. The conflict erupted after the local drug dealers from the Maghreb beat the boy-Chechen.

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