For six months the wild animals bit more than 4 thousand of citizens

For six months in 2020 from the bites of wild animals in St. Petersburg suffered 4 thousand 91 people, including 698 children. These data led the Petersburg management of Federal service. The Ministry noted that cases of disease of people and animals with rabies, neither last year nor in the current in the city were not recorded.

Experts reminded that rabies is a particularly dangerous acute viral infectious disease with absolute lethality.

“human Infection occurs by the bite, zarabianie, rabid animals, sick animals or licks when fresh wounds, cuts on the skin or by contact with objects contaminated with infected saliva. Possible contamination and contact with splashes of infected material (saliva of a sick animal) on the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, nasal cavity of the person”, — noted in management.

the Ministry added that the agent of rabies, can be in the saliva of a sick animal 10 days before the onset of visible signs of disease. Once in the human body, the virus spreads along the nerve paths reaches the brain, where inflammation develops that breaks the vital elements of the Central nervous system, resulting in death.

In Russia the source of infection are most often dogs, cats, wild animals — foxes, bats, hedgehogs, badgers, wolves. Less frequently the infection occurs through contact with sick cows, sheep, horses, and various rodents.

in order to avoid infection, experts advise not to contact with wild animals, to annually vaccinate a pet against rabies.

the Department also said what to do if contact with potentially sick animals yet occurred. “When they bite, zarabianie, or licks a person’s urgent need to irrigate the wounds and all the places that could get the animal’s saliva soap solution for 15 min, then tap water, followed by treatment with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Handle the edges of the wound 5% tincture of iodine. Then immediately go to the emergency room at the place of residence to the doctor-the traumatologist, if needed, will prescribe a course of vaccinations,” — said the Agency.

“Rabies can only be prevented, treatment of already developed disease does not exist. Every 10 minutes in the world, rabies kills one,” warned in the CPS.

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