From the government demanded the return of the audience the right to return the tickets to the concerts

a Russian government demand to cancel adopted on 6 June a decree according to which the organizers of the concerts and ticket agents refuse to return to spectators money for transferred concerts and performances. The petition is available on the website

As the author notes, the decision does not provide the ability to return the ticket, if the viewer is not able to attend rescheduled for a new date for the event at the new date. Refund of tickets in case of event cancellation is possible within 180 days.

the petition stresses that in the current caused by the coronavirus situation for many “even a few thousand rubles, which was worth the ticket — it’s money that can help”. The decision contradicts the law “About protection of the rights of consumers” and Civil code of the Russian Federation, since it prohibits is located a legal right to terminate the contract with the organizer of the event.

“If you leave everything as it is now, the rights of thousands of people across the country will be broken, and their money stolen,” concludes the author.

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