From the website of the voting on amendments to the Constitution removed the campaign after a complaint by activists

On the website of the voting on the amendments to the Constitution were posted campaign materials, which were removed only after complaints from activists to the CEC, the portal writes

According to activists, the site has published statements of politicians and public figures, calls to vote for the amendment, similar articles were published in the “news” section. After the complaint of the activists of the campaign have disappeared from the sections “news” and “Opinions”.

In turn, the “Medusa” was written about the significant number of inaccuracies and errors on the website: in particular, the text of some amendments to the Constitution different from the content of these amendments. The later part of the errors were corrected, others were removed, together with the amendments, and some are still on the website, the newspaper notes.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that online voting in the list of amendments that were missing, which nullifies the presidential terms of President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Later the mistake was corrected.

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