Garkalin about the

people’s artist of Russia Valery Garkalin in shock from the “drunk” road accident with the participation of colleagues of Michael Ephraim.

the Actor found it difficult to review the incident: “I don’t know how to comment on this. It is a tragedy”. The actor also said “the Fifth channel” that Efremov had not allowed himself too much with alcohol.

Garkalin deny rumors about Efremov as an alcoholic: “he’s not abused. An ordinary man in this sense.” In addition Garkalin said that Efremov “worked very hard”.

on the Evening of 8 June in the area of Smolenskaya square Efremov driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee drove into oncoming traffic and collided with a delivery van. Doctors were unable to save the 57-year-old driver of Lada Sergey Zakharov.

Initially against Ephraim opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 264 “Infringement of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles”. After the victim died in the hospital, the case is reclassified to a more serious part of the article.

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