Got to the balcony, but could not escape: in Saratov the man was burned alive in a fire in his apartment

In Saratov has burnt down the apartment in nine-storey house. As a result one person was lost, another with burns taken to hospital, according to the investigative authorities of SK of Russia in the region.

According to investigators, early this morning residents of the home noticed smoke coming from the Windows of the apartment on the fifth floor and called the fire Department. Firefighters arrived at the scene of an emergency, localized fire. In the course of extinguishing a fire on the balcony, they found the body of 62-year-old owner of the apartment. The apartment was also found still alive the man was a nephew of the deceased, 1961. He was taken to the hospital.

it turned Out that the cause of the fire was careless handling of fire while Smoking. Is checked.

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