Half Marathon

More than 30 regions of Russia will take part in the half marathon “Race.of the Russian Federation” which will be held on August 2 and will be in compliance with all requirements of Rospotrebnadzora. This was stated to journalists by the founder and leader of the “League of Heroes” Xenia Shoigu.

“We will comply with all the requirements and wishes of the CPS and regional offices of the Department in the conduct of the half marathon. In different regions has its own quirks in terms of safety. Someone starts wearing masks, someone in masks and gloves. Sure, if the runners will abide by the physical distance, everything goes well,” she said.

this year the organizers of the half marathon are going to set a record for number of cities, which start at the same time. According to Shoigu, it needs to synchronously started more than 30 cities of Russia. “The previous record Guinness world records belongs to the United States, but now we have a more coherent cities, which will run August 2,” she said.

Together with the Moscow half marathon will participate Tver, Voronezh, Lipetsk and others. Experts of the Guinness Book of records record record remotely based on the data provided by the organizers. However, among participating cities will choose new capital run. Last time it was Vladivostok. Moscow never receive this title.

As the Director of the Moscow marathon Dmitry Tarasov, the Russian capital have each time attracted the largest number of participants among all cities in the country. But the scoring system is such that the jury considers the ratio of the number of participants and number of residents, and Moscow is one of the most populous cities of the country.

“We fully accept the requirements of the CPS. Together we have worked out security measures, which relate to including personal protective equipment. Each participant at the entrance will check the temperature control. All will provide gloves and masks. In commongovernmental use will set sanitizer”, — he noted.

All volunteers and the team also will test for the presence of coronavirus infection. “This year the half marathon had a strong structure of participants among the sporting elite. Among them Stepan Kiselyov, Tatyana Arkhipova,” — said Tarasov.

According to him, in conditions when sporting events are not performed, the half marathon for athletes is a good opportunity to earn. Professionals will run a distance of 21.1 kilometer. You can select an alignment smaller: 10 and 5 km, 1520 meters. “We organize all the possible distance for any level of training”, — he stressed. “We will be the first official half-marathon in the world, which will take place in the new reality. Now everyone is waiting for how this experience will be with us” he said.

the Winners of the Moscow half marathon, according to Tarasov, get the money. The prize Fund is more than 1 million rubles. “We have all the cities have agreed trails, consistent timing overlaps. Sure we can make it as comfortable as possible,” — said Shoigu.