Hostages in Moscow was seized by the inhabitant of Nizhnevartovsk, it brought the case

the Police have established the identity of the man who seized hostages in the Department of “Alfa-Bank” on a ledge, prestonica delivered to the Department.

the Invader was 34-summer Alexey Baryshnikov hails from Nizhnevartovsk. Officially he did not work and admitted that he had an extensive practice of drug distribution.

in the meantime, the police find out whether he had a real explosive device, or he frightened hostages hoax “bomb.”

the Motives of the attacker is not yet known, any demands the young man has not advanced.

the investigation Committee opened a case under article about the hostage-taking (article 206 criminal code). Currently, all the hostages are freed, their life and health is not in danger.

Recall that the special forces stormed the building on a ledge, when there was only one hostage — a Bank customer. According to the preliminary version, the man decided to take over the Bank because of debts on loans. In addition, it was noted by the media, first the young man said he needed money because he “want the truth”.

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