How to survive the stress after returning from holidays at work: a psychologist's advice

Returning to work after the holidays, people often feel stress. However, psychologists warn, it must not last longer than one week.

According to the teacher of the advanced training faculty of the Moscow state University of psychology and education (msupe), psychologist Anna Ermolaeva, otherwise you should think about redefining the relationship to work and possibly about to change, reports AGN “Moscow”.

She noted that politruka adaptation is manifested at the physiological and psychological levels. According to her, normal man comes to its working condition for 2-4, and if the process is delayed, then you should think what is the motivation to work.

however, the psychologist noted that a postvacation slump accompanies many, the main thing — that it would not.

To facilitate adaptation Ermolaeva advises to include holiday habits in everyday work. “Some small action, which you have paid time on vacation, a special holiday. Make sure that the fun continued in the everyday work. This will contribute to a good adaptation and reduce the adverse pokatushkakh symptoms” — she said the psychologist.

we Add that the pandemic coronavirus half of Russians this year have changed vacation plans. Most spend the summer at home or at the cottage.

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