Immunity to COVID-19, is formed in 12.5% of Muscovites

in 12% of the more than 50 thousand Muscovites have passed the study on immunity to the new coronavirus, identified antibodies to the infection. This was in the framework of the online press conference said the head of the Department of health of Moscow Alexey Khripun.

“on 15 may in Moscow began a large-scale investigation of population immunity, associated with the spread of the new coronavirus infection. We have today already more than 50 thousand Muscovites surveyed, this is only the beginning. Of the more than 50 thousand patients, in 12.5% of Muscovites identified antibody. This suggests that these people are or have already formed immunity to coronavirus infection,” said Alexei Khripun.

According to him, it is planned to conduct studies of 3 to 6 million residents.

“a Technique used in Moscow, it immunochemiluminescent analysis. The study — from 3 to 6 million, an unprecedented amount of research that clearly will show, how it is formed and how the subsequent leads to population immunity. In Moscow it is a very important study because it will allow you to prepare for the next wave, and it is likely to be in some measure expressed. This study is completely voluntary and free in Moscow”, — said Khripun.

Testing is performed ELISA method (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), which allows to detect the presence or absence in the blood of the patient IgM antibodies (a marker for the presence of coronavirus infection) and IgG (a marker of immunity to coronavirus infection). It is assumed that every few days for testing will be invited about 70 thousand residents of the city, selected in accordance with the age structure of the population and taking into account the district of residence. Blood sampling will be conducted on the basis of 30 urban adult outpatient clinic with observance sanitary-epidemiological requirements.

the implementation of mass screening would improve the detection of nnovel coronavirus infection, especially among people who carry the disease in asymptomatic form.

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