In Belarus, the coronavirus was diagnosed in 3.6 thousand children

In Belarus since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus fell ill about 3,600 children, said the chief specialist of Department of medical aid to mothers and children of Ministry of health Tatyana Burd during his speech on the occasion of world children’s day.

As told Burdi in his speech, posted on the website of the National press-center of the country, 95% of children suffered or disease suffer no symptoms. At the same time she added that “a small number of children” is in moderate condition.Burd stressed that the coronavirus causes complications in the main in children “with concomitant diseases, with Oncology and Hematology diseases and obesity,” and noted that severe cases in children was not.

the representative of the Ministry of health of Belarus also told that were born in the country and 62 children, including two twins, in women diagnosed with coronavirus. They are all healthy.

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